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The Dangerous Sheeple (via Man With the Muckrake)

June 24, 2010

No wonder Glenn Beck is so obsessed with Nazis. This post from my buddy over at “Man With the Muckrake”.

The Dangerous Sheeple UPDATE- Please read comment #4 as a verification that there are 'dangerous sheeple' living in my neck of the woods.  Her comments sound as if they were mouthed by Limbaugh, Beck or Hannity. Robert Voska of Green Springs, OH is a dangerous sheeple.  So is Rebecca Orians of Tiffin, OH. How do I know this?  Because of what they said in public at a GOP-sponsored town hall hosted by GOP Rep. Bob Latta.  Latta, by the way, is a co-conspirator in the Sh … Read More

via Man With the Muckrake

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