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Your Daily Dose Of Truth Oct. 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

    These are just a few of the stories of conservative idiocy, lies and hypocrisy making the rounds on the web today.  “…and the Truth shall set you free.”

  • From TPM:  Carl Paladino Might Love Bestiality and Racist Jokes, But He Hates Big Government.  He Has, However, Accept A Few Million In Tax Breaks To Create Jobs – 25 Whole Jobs.  25 Big Ones. 25.  Two, Five.  That’s Twenty, Plus Five.  One Score and Five Jobs Created With Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars.     
  • From Media Matters:  The Ministry Of Propaganda Has Seized Control Of The Politburo.  
  • From Mother Jones: Congressional Seating Chart By The Money Trail.  Who’s Paid What?
  • From Right Wing Watch:  Democrats Enslave Black People!  Uh-oh Guys!  They’re On To Us.
  • From The Huffington Post:    Tea Party Candidates Nationwide Are Nuttier Than Fruitcakes: O’Donnell and Miller and Angle.     
  • From Ampersand:  The Church Of Fiscal Conservatism
  • From Think Progress :  Libertarian Utopia: Non-Tax Funded Firemen Watch As House Burns To The Ground.
  • From LGF: How Crazy Will Faux “News” Get?
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