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Your Daily Dose Of Truth Nov. 10,2010

November 10, 2010

    These are just a few of the stories of conservative idiocy, lies and hypocrisy making the rounds on the web today.  “…and the Truth shall set you free.”

From TPM:  Surprise!  In What Can Only Be Described As The Shocker Of The Year, Lou Dobbs Will Now Be On Faux “News”.

From Media Matters:  Glenn Beck Wouldn’t Recognize The Truth If It Kicked Him In The Crouch.  And He Thinks George Soros Is Trying To Kill Him.

From Mother Jones:  Stephen King’s Got Nothing On Iowa’s Steve King In The Scary Department.

From Right Wing Watch:  Meet Tim Griffin.  He May Not Be Crazy, But He Does Steal Votes.

From The Huffington Post:   Non-apologetic Carlson Admits To Dishonest Juvenile Lie/Prank.

From Greg Palast: Greg’s Veterans Day Story.    

From LGF:  The Pamela Geller Blog Generator.  Big Fun.

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