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Why The Dems Should Stay Gone

March 7, 2011

    I could write a book about why what is happening to the public workers in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Rhode Island, and other places is wrong.  Somebody probably will and make a million dollars.  But I’m going to address one point that I have not heard discussed elsewhere. Time.

    My mother recently asked me how I felt about what the Democratic Senators in Wisconsin and Indiana are doing.  (Hi Mom!)  And sometimes, I’m not really able to pinpoint my thoughts about something until I’ve spoken them aloud or written about them.  Somehow, between my brain and my mouth they begin to form a cognizant pattern and actually become a rational thought.

    My first reaction had been, while I strongly sympathize with the cause, it’s difficult for me to condone the hijacking of the democratic process because one party or the other doesn’t like the dish about to be served.  I jump all over conservatives when they hijack the system  (and they quite often do, so “Hey right-wingers, stop the hypocritical bull crap.”)

    Over and over again we heard during the health care reform debate that it was moving too fast! and no one has even read the bill, and it was shoved “down the throat of the American people.”

    However, the necessity of having a quorum present to vote is in state constitutions for a reason.  In part, I suspect, for the same reason the filibuster is part of the process as well.  Democrats are using the quorum stipulation in order to force the issue into the public arena.

    The longer the Democrats stay out of Wisconsin and Indiana, the more the public learns about just what it is the Republican legislators are attempting to do.  Not only do they learn more about the bills being voted on, but they learn more about the tactics used to get these bills put to a vote in the first place.

    Without this delay, the bill would have passed without the majority of the public in the affected states, much less the nation, being the wiser until it was written into law.  Without this delay, the public would not know that the amount Scott Walker is asking from his working class constituents is less than the amount he granted his rich supporters in tax breaks just days before.  Without this delay, the public would be none the wiser to the fact that according to Wisconsin’s government accounting office, Walker and his Republican allies have greatly inflated the state’s budget crisis , and did not, in fact, inherit a budget that needed repair. Without this delay, the public would know nothing about the no-bid sales Walker plans to make of the public property utility companies.

    So I say “Stay on vacation Democrats!  Shine a light on the agenda of the new right wing.”

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  1. March 8, 2011 9:46 am

    Looks like htey’re not staying on vacation but even so, the word got out there and people paid a LOT of attention. I am really heartened by the polls showing that Americans consider collective bargaining a right. The unions need to give – hell, they have shown they will give – but no one should ask that we abandon their right to organize to protect themselves.

    The old line: Capital organizes itself into corporations; workers organize themselves into unions. FAir is fair.

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